Our Story

16 years ago, we bought a run-down pub by the sea. Then we had the bright idea of making our own beer to save us the trouble of sourcing it.

So, the Cornish Crown Brewery was born, having found a home perched between beautiful Mount’s Bay and the rugged West Penwith moors. We’ve learnt a lot along the way, but perhaps not taking ourselves too seriously has been our greatest asset.

When we came across The Crown it was close to closure. With serious graft and elbow grease (we were a lot younger back then!) we nurtured it back to life.

Over the years we have transformed The Crown into one of the best places to enjoy beer in the South West, during a period when many other great pubs were sadly closing their doors forever.

Like the brewery itself, The Crown is all about the beer. A well-kept range of beers in cask, keg and bottle, constantly changing - reflecting the seasons and our favourite new creations.

You’ll find warm Cornish hospitality and a down-to-earth sense of community at this backstreet pub, which is often described as one of Cornwall’s hidden gems.

Having got the pub re-established again, we thought, what if we make our own beer? We liked the idea of not having to go to the trouble of sourcing beers from all over the country and exercising complete control over the whole process.

After some serious study and a stint at a reputable national brewery, the Cornish Crown Brewery was born on the hill overlooking St Michael’s Mount. Several years have passed and we’ve learnt a lot along the way, but we are proud of where we are today.

Our approach

Our approach to brewing great beer is driven by curiosity, passion and community.

We combine a restless spirit and pioneering attitude with the highest standards of quality and consistency – which is why our new releases are always noteworthy.

We like to go into the unknown. To experiment, innovate and push the boundaries. Sometimes it backfires, but we’re ok with that!

We have huge respect for traditional brewing practices but also for the maverick trailblazers of modern brewing; two decades spent in the wilds of West Cornwall nurtures a rebellious spirit.

We’re passionate about what we do; the desire to make good beer has really got under our skin. Our friends and family will tell you that it’s all we really talk about (we still get invited to social occasions, perhaps because we always bring the beers!)

At the same time, we refuse to take ourselves too seriously. A humble attitude and a sense of humour are essential qualities when running a small brewery in Cornwall, where the best laid plans can be affected by everything from the weather to the Wifi connection…

Our business would be nothing without the community around us here in West Cornwall. By growing sustainably, we aim to have a long-term positive impact on the area we call home.

With investment in energy efficiency and renewable technology, plans for future growth and local employment, and a genuine love for what we do and where we do it, we hope to give something back.

Our brewery

At our brewery perched between moor and sea, we combine technology with tradition to craft an ever-evolving range of beers.

With the latest tech, eco-friendly investments, and a spotless cleaning regime, we’ve created a much-loved local brewery with potential to grow in exciting ways.

At our brewery overlooking Mount’s Bay we have invested heavily in equipment, allowing us to create a wide range of high-quality beers across a variety of styles.

We have a full filtration system to produce clear and crisp lagers; a hop gun to deliver optimum infusion for hop-forward IPAs; and our new toy - a canning machine - which allows us to be seriously agile in creating an ever-evolving range of beers.

We have invested in a dedicated bore hole to ensure the quality and consistency of the water supply. Along with our own soak-away, this ensures we are self-sufficient for both water supply and waste.

We have an electric van for local deliveries and have ambitions to install solar panels and a bio-digester further down the line; sustainability is at the heart of our expansion plans.

We love experimenting and putting technology to good use, but we also have huge respect for traditional brewing methods and the age-old techniques which define English and European brewing. For example, we’re about to begin our new cask ageing project, kicking off with four Scotch barrels to age our amazing Vanilla Porter. We continue to make a range of traditional cask beer, all for the free trade.

We run a tight ship. Our playful approach to making beer is made possible by a scrupulous cleaning regime (we operate a ‘clean in place’ hygiene system to keep the brewery spotless 24/7).

Our beers

We produce small batch, hop-forward craft beer using the finest ingredients. We have a thirst for great and interesting beers, and a passion for experimentation.
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